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Namaskaram ! I am Yogi Nitaynandam Today we’ll Talk about uric acid uric acid means excess of uric acid in blood stream mostly, when people like to eat the same kind of food they cut off vegetables from their diet when they start taking more pulses Or they do not drink water Drink cold drinks or soft drinks often and again take more tea excessive consumption of acidic food Who have a habit of eating more of sweets Or they are consuming more roasted things like brinjal keema or besan curry etc when we take more of protein diet but less of fiber if we take less of fruits & water when they don’t do pranayam if there is no good level of oxygen in the body then looking at all these situations when The workout ends totally Previously people used to work hard Now the physical effort is no longer equal sideffects of these things are The level of uric acid in our blood increases more than limit sometimes, Uric acid does not increased too much but Is ready to increase Whose signs are this Like someone has pierced a sharp nail In the heel of the foot, or near the thumb of the hand later on with this uric acid, the bone starts curving. if uric acid does not come out of body for long time then it harms kidney, heart & other organs So i’ll advice you to pay more attention to this don’t ignore it negligence is not good Get up early in the morning & walk barefoot on the grass & early morning engulf overnight saliva of your mouth with water chew food well walk barefoot on the grass twice massage your body with olive oil or any other oil By doing these little things you can avoid this But if you are to stuck by this problem, then what to do Uric acid started increasing in our body & you maintained it with medication but its not permanent solution reason is Uric acid is collected in the body Kidneys are not getting it out properly & your body is producing uric acid more than normal There are only two reasons Reduce protein diets Dry fruit is eaten without soaking some people spent whole day on tea, coldrink or biscuits Tea and fried patties are also wrong What to do is increase the intake of fruits & vegetables & reduce the intake of pulses and sour food products will be defended by this, will stop increasing in future now the thing, how to get rid of increased uric acid If you take allopathic medicines it effects for short time Removes from body, then recollects As soon as you stop taking the medicine or you forget that you have uric acid then the same diet, again it collects talking medicines only is not a permanent solution for permanent solution we give 2-3 herbs to patient excess uric acid will be removed away forever. second thing is will not be collected again what to do for You have to take lite coloured vegetabes more like bottle gourd, long bottle gourd, tinda, cucumber, bitter gourd & green veges and reduce the quantity of colourful vegetables like tomato, bell peppers & carrots avoid lentils totally avoid curd & milk for first few days take only unpeeled apple, papaya & guava etc practice breathing exercises every morning & evening & take more water and start removing uric acid uric acid increases easily but it takes mimimum 40-45 days to remove out of body with every pathy Can not leave before if you remove fast with overdose of medicines by teasing too much your body body tends to eliminate uric acid also start removing essential nutrients like sodium, calcium with urination so do not pressurize your body take a decoction of mulethi (liquorice) twice also can chew it or you may take liquorice boiled water twice so your uric acid level will start reducing but Permanent Solutions I just have to tell you for that Take giloya, Basil & aloevera take aloevera juice 4-5 spoon + 2-3 spoon of tinospora stem juice + 1/2 cup of water empty stomach twicw a day so many companies make these juices sometimes in that juice you may add 1-2 spoon of bitter gourd juice too also add 5-7 crushed leaves of tulsi in it everyday you may add 2 spoon tulsi(basil) juice instead of leaves I’ll repeat all 4-5 spoon aloevera + 1 spoon bitter gourd juice + 1 spoon basil leaves juice + 2-3 spoon of Giloya (tinospora) you may add 1/2 cup of fresh bottle gaurd juice along with these sprinkle a pinch of black pepper before taking take mixture of all these juices after adding water in equal quantity empty stomach every morning & even its beneficial twice these 3-4 things are very beneficial viz. viz. giloya, tulsi, aloevera, karela, lauki & black pepper etc even bottle gaurd vegetable is good these herbs helps to remove excessive uric acid permanently & stop recollecting there are so many other talks regarding this but but difficult to say in short video again i’ll talk about this topic shortly leave your query, question or comment below this video in comment box so i’ll try to help you Namaskaram!

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