Physiological Regulating Medicine – Homeopathy Medicine For Skincare

This is the room where we perform the magic of Physiological Regulating Medicine. Now this is a very specialized
advanced form of medicine developed in Europe under the auspices of the European Congress
of Physiological medicine. And we work with them very closely. Now, before we get into the details and dive into what this
medicine is all about, you can get a lot more information about this on the website. But a basic question we all want to know. Given that people from all
over the world come to AMA for beauty and aesthetic purposes, why is it we’re even interested
in physiological health or physiological medicine? Well, here’s the reason. Most of you know that your skin is your body’s single largest organ. But what you may not
know is that your skin is also your body’s single
largest detoxification organ. Now, because of that, your
skin also reflects the state of health of all the other
organ systems in your body. So the bottom line is this. It’s very difficult to
have great-looking skin on the outside if you’re
not healthy on the inside. Or a better way to put it is that in order to have the very best
possible skin you can, you also need to look
after your internal organs and all their health as well. And that’s specifically what PRM, or physiological regulating medicine does. In a nutshell, this is how physiological
regulating medicine works. As its name implies,
PRM interacts directly with the physiological
mechanisms in your body. Your natural processes of your body. You have approximately 100
trillion cells in your body. Every single one of them every second of every day is waiting for instruction. Hey boss, what do you want me to do? These instructions come
from the regulating systems of your body. Your neurology, your nervous system, your endocrinology, meaning your hormones, and your immunology, meaning
the cells of your body that take care of your immune system. Now, each one of these
systems communicates with molecular messages, just like your hormones
are actually molecules. The cells of your body all
have receptors on them, and when the right molecule
binds with the exact receptor, it precisely follows the
instructions physiologically of what things to turn on and turn off. So here we are. You turned 35, 40 years old maybe, and you’ve developed some love handles. Well, why did that happen? Your body, when you were
younger, used to give out the message of hey, whatever this girl or whatever this boy eats,
we’re gonna take that and turn it into energy and burn it, because this boy is running
around, very active. Well, when you approach 40 years old, the message changed. And suddenly, the metabolic
physiological message is hey, whatever this boy eats, we’re
gonna take a part of that, convert it into energy, and burn it, and the rest of it, we’re
gonna convert into fat and store it right here
on your love handles or on your thighs or your butt, wherever you don’t want it. Well, how did that happen? The physiological pathway of taking food and converting it into fat,
we know exactly what that is. And conversely, if you
were in a starvation mode, the physiological message
of taking that fat and converting it back
into energy and burning it, we know what that is too. Well, PRM has the physiological keys, the right molecular
messages in order to turn on whatever pathway we want. So a few small injections,
usually they are one per week for 10 weeks, just in the right place, will take that fat or take that cellulite, turn on the right metabolism,
and your body will simply metabolize that fat, turn
it into energy, burn it, and you watch your fat shrink away. Pretty cool, huh? Using your own natural
mechanisms to have the body, the contour, the firmness that you want to have.

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