Plants Are Beings

A couple of years ago as some of you know
I started an herbal company by the name of Nambu Botanicals. I’m spending these days
a lot of time in India trying to understand the power behind the herbs. Within my own
tradition, the Siddha Tradition, the herb is not just a plant with some chemical properties
to heal a certain disease. It is the plant, often is a being.
I have been spending a lot of time with the tribal people who have a lot of ability to
deal with the spirits. Before they harvest this herb, they have to communicate with the
herb and then pray to the herb that although after the harvest the life of the plant comes
to an end, he prays to the spirit: “Will you please stay there forever so that the
people who take the herb will be benefitted by it? Because I don’t want a dead herb,
I am terminating your life, but you have the power to keep your energy there.” And then
the herb’s spirit agrees, “Yes, I will do it.” And the herb will say, the herb’s
spirit which is a higher being, a male or female, “Could you just give me some offerings,
a food offering, most of the time? And I am very willing to subject myself to the process
where you take me out of the ground, but I will keep the energy intact although the life
of the plant is gone.” This might appear to be superstitious. It
is not superstition, it is literally true because the herbs not only have chemical properties,
they have magical properties which is another dimension of the herbs. All of the herbs that
we sell through my organization, Nambu Botanicals, they are all very powerful beings. If you
go to the Ethno-Botanical literature which talks about the mythology of these herbs,
for instance, the Eclipta Alba, the Brain Chakra one, Swami Ramalingam was responsible
for making it the most important one because, you know, for him it is the one that can give
you evolution. It not only makes your brain better, but also evolves the soul. It will
also be responsible for evolving the body, – evolving the body, evolving the soul.
The Turmeric is another one. Now for the first time the West is beginning to understand the
power behind Turmeric. Again the Turmeric is a Goddess, even today Turmeric is worshipped
as a Goddess, not simply among the tribals, but among everyone, and it is also a prosperity
herb. So if you go and say this Turmeric will give you prosperity, it may appear to be a
superstitious belief, but it is not true as far as the Siddhas who discovered the property
of the Turmeric to produce wealth. And now there are there are medical applications of
that within the Siddha Tradition what Turmeric, can be a purifier, can also be an antiseptic,
antibacterial, all of these claims are there within the literature of the Siddhas. But
the most important thing is to understand this power if the herbs as a being.
But you may ask the question, Do these people who harvest these herbs, you know, do follow
tradition intact before harvesting the plant? I should confess that nobody does that, and
there are some personalized medicine people who do that. I know some of them and we want
to do that too. But that becomes so sophisticated. For instance there is one herb like Turmeric,
or Eclipta Alba, it will not work the same for everyone in the same way. So Eclipta Alba
will have general properties across the board. You know, it will do a lot of good, more than
any other herb can do. That’s true, but if you want a personalized medicine, then
it has to be harvested for you on a time that is astrologically right for you. and then
they can match the herb with you in terms of the time. So they are so sophisticated.
Then they have to wait for the right time for the herb, and also the right time for
you. And it has to be matched. It can be a New Moon day, or certain Star days, where
they are powerful. They are not powerful all of the time. They are powerful only on certain
times. And also there are differences. So this medicine is so sophisticated, completely
sophisticated. Then you have to negotiate with the deity of the herb.
So the world is now ready. The world is now ready. I want you to look at Dr. Cleve Backster’s
experiments in Los Angeles, and how he proves. That he, he kind of keeps plants in his lab,
and then numbered them. Say, there are 30 leaves on the plant, and then he connects
them to electrodes to a polygraph. And then, “I hate the twelfth leaf. I want to take
a scissors and I am going to cut you.” He’s talking. He’s like a mad man. And you see
the polygraph readings, the twelfth leaf is really afraid of dying at the hands of this
doctor who is going to cut it. Interestingly enough, it’s all in the YouTube, you can
go [search] Dr. Cleve Backster. Now he can fake also; he can fake emotions;
he doesn’t have true emotions. He’s kidding, for instance, but he’s not really meaning
to cut the leaf. When he does that, the leaf doesn’t do anything because the leaf knows
you are kidding. So the leaf knows if you are kidding, or if you are serious. Maybe
the police should work with the plants to find whether somebody is lying or really speaking
the truth. The plant intelligence is very high. So the Siddhas knew that.
So what I have done for Nambu Botanical’s use to keep the power of the herb to stay
with the herb through a process of energizing it with sounds appropriate for the herb, with
Phonemic Sounds. So all of the herbs are Phoneme induced. And we are now in the process of
developing studies of what happens to a Phoneme infused herb, versus non-infused herbs, and
then compare them. I have no doubt there will be significant difference between the two.
Then there are so many testimonials that have come. And I want people to take advantage
of this herbal medicine, the Siddha Herbal. In India it’s called medicine, but in the
West a supplement is what it’s called. But in the Indian context the leaves are called
medicine, and then it’s approved within India. But these herbs when they work along
with the sounds, they become a lot more powerful. And I’m confident that down the road that
there will be more recognition by the scientific community about the plants as beings, and
the sounds keeping their energy together. So I’ll do more videos for you on this.
God Bless.

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