Pollen Protect | Herbal Defense for Pollen Season

when pollen comes into contact with the
eyes nose and lungs it can lead to extreme discomfort itching and sneezing
pollen protect is an herbal tablet designed to strengthen the respiratory
tracts ability to adapt to seasonal irritants powerful and natural Ayurvedic
herbs like turmeric amalaki and kalmegh help bolster the immune system and
maintain the body’s natural inflammatory responses our formula is made of ten
herbal ingredients that’s it together they create an herbal
powerhouse that supports a healthy response during periods of high pollen
count in the environment pollen protect is scientifically proven to work in a
small pilot study participants experiencing a higher than usual
sensitivity to seasonal irritants were asked to take three tablets twice daily
after 30 days of using pollen protect tablets the results showed an overall
decrease in seasonal irritant challenges by a whopping 66% you can read all the
details of our study in our pollen protect white paper on our website
how does it work pollen protect uses cooling soothing herbs that balance
Pitta and kapha dosha in the body this helps to calm the respiratory system and
support healthy breathing I recommend taking one to two tablets once or twice
daily for acute relief take three tablets three times daily our
formulation is gentle and safe it’s a serving amount can vary depending on
what you discover works best for you just remember to take it daily when
experiencing seasonal discomfort you can take it with food or on an empty stomach
just make sure you take it with a large glass of water Pollen protects is 100%
organic and made of the highest quality Ayurvedic herbs because it’s natural and
safe you can take it in combination with all our herbal formulations no matter
the season if you’re experiencing discomfort due to airborne pollen then
Ayurvedic herbs can help support your body’s health and well-being
you can try pollen protect under our 90-day full refund
healthy guarantee breathe easy year-round and enjoy every day to the
fullest you

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