RareEssence Phthalate & Cruelty Free Aromatherapy Candles Review

Hi everybody, it’s Shelby from
LuckyVitamin and today we’re talking RareEssence candles. If you don’t know
this brand they’re completely free of everything, and they’re 100% essential
oil based so they come in a lot of funky scents. You got some patchouli some sweet
orange some spearmint. So some uses that I see for these candles are meditation
or yoga; the scents are very calming. They’re actually making me feel really
calm right now, so I feel like that would be great and I might even want to take
one of these home for a bath. It would be great to put her on your bathtub for a
calming bath time experience. So a couple things to keep in mind with these are:
when we were lighting them they were a little bit difficult to light, and also
some of the wicks were different sizes so there was some inconsistencies with
that. When shopping for RareEssence candles on our website you have three
different options: you have the smaller votive candles, the medium size
travel tin, and you have the larger spa candles. These candles are great because
they come in all different scents throughout all of these lines. Another
great thing about RareEssence candles is they do qualify for auto-ship so if
you own a yoga studio or you really like to meditate or you’re somebody like me
who likes to take a bath you can have these when you need them. If you liked
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LuckyVitamin. If you have any questions leave a comment down below or speak with
one of our wellness ambassadors; they’re here 7 days a week to help you on your
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