Raw Food Recipes: Curry Sauce with Vegetables

Today we’re going to making curry sauce with vegetables. So, first we’re going to take and to get set up we’re going to have a food processor and a blender for this recipe. So you’re going to take 1 head of cauliflower and we’re going to start this recipe off with our rice. Instead of using regular rice, we’re going to keep this recipe raw and substitute cauliflower rice. It’s very delicious and low in calories. So, first we take and wash, cut our cauliflower into little pieces, and we’re going to place it into the food processor, and just kind of pulse it, and look for the grain until it becomes a fine, rice-like quality. So, let’s start with that. Okay. And we’re just going to pulse. And finished. Alright. How easy is that? So, first I’m going to take out, this is safety first. Take out the blade, and take our rice. Okay, this was so fast. For people who are thinking of raw food takes a very long time, there’s definitely certain parts of it that just goes so fast that it really makes more sense when you’re in the kitchen and you need that extra time for other areas of your life. Okay. Next we’re going to make our curry sauce, and this is so phenomenal. This curry sauce, all you need is your blender and we have 2 cups of cashews. We’ve soaked these for 4 hours, and just add those into our blender. And we have 1 1/2 cup of purified water, and we have 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of curry powder. And the salt is sea salt, which I really like because it has all of the minerals from the ocean. And our tablespoon of curry powder. Curry powder is really, a very, becoming a really more important thing to add into your diet because it helps to eliminate the plaque in your brain. So, if it helps to prevent Alzheimer’s and there we go. 4 ingredients for our curry sauce, how phenomenal is that? And blend. Oh, I love Vitamix! 2 horsepower blender. Oh, very nice. Oh, my gosh, look how creamy and delicious the sauce came out. Wow! Mmmm. Okay, simple dishes made delicious. We’re going to add in for our vegetables. Feel free to use, like, your vegetables of choice. Our vegetables of choice on this episode happens to be 2 zucchini, and we’ve thinly sliced them. And then we have 2 small summer squashes, thinly sliced. Add to our…wow, that’s a lot. Okay, just going to mix all of these up in this luscious, rawlicious, delicious sauce. Okay. And plating. So for plating I’m going to take and lay down my cauliflower rice. Come back here. Okay. Oh, gosh, that looks so beautiful. And then we’re just going to add our beautiful curry vegetables. over our rice. There you go. So simple, so delicious. Okay. Enjoy that one, and remember, saving the world starts with you. Thank you for watching.

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