Relaxation & Focus

Yoga is fantastic for relaxation and focus. It brings the practicer grace, awarenes,s and fluidity. Yoga has many other benefits like brain neuroplasticity, emotional health, stress management, increased strength, flexibility, and joint mobility, as well as improved posture, concentration, and respiration. The purpose of yoga and the goal of aromatherapy are congruent. Both focus on holistic well-being. When you diffuse essential oils in connection with your yoga practice, it can help to create a very specific environment tailored to your needs. To promote optimism and cheer, diffuse uplifting oils like bergamot or wild orange. To improve concentration and focus diffuse grounding oils like vetiver, sandalwood, and patchouli. To feel relaxed and grounded diffuse frankincense, balance, or serenity calming blend. At the end of your classes wipe down your yoga mat with lemon essential oil, doTERRA On Guard protective blend or an all-natural non-toxic cleaner like On Guard cleaner concentrate. Finish your yoga practice with a little yogi tea. Make your own by adding a drop of clove, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and black pepper to a mug of hot water, add a little raw honey and your favorite dairy free alternative for the perfect post yoga beverage.

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  • Yoga + Essential Oils go hand in hand. You really can't do one without the other for your maximum zen and body experience. This is real body love.

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