Sarajean Rudman: What Is Ayurveda

(peaceful melody) – Hi, my name is Sarajean Rudman. A lot of people ask me what Ayurveda is. They’ve heard the word
from their yoga teacher or maybe in a yoga magazine or from Dr. Oz or all
these different sources but there’s a lot of uncertainty of what exactly Ayurveda is. Ayurveda is a traditional
medicinal practice indigenous to India. It’s 5,000 or more years old and it’s based on a
five elemental approach, much like traditional Chinese medicine is. We use the elements of ether,
air, fire, water, and earth and then further break those elements down into three major bodily humors, vata, pitta, and kapha. We from there use those three humors to categorize and to
recognize different qualities in different things. So in your body or in your
mind or in your emotional state or even in this scarf I’m wearing or the chair that I might be sitting in. Ayurveda approaches disease from a preventative standpoint. So we choose to treat
causes rather than symptoms by inviting into a life of balance to hopefully avoid disease, discomfort, and improve longevity. I hope you have a fun
time exploring Ayurveda. Namaste.

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