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Sadhguru: This is going on everywhere in the world. It’s a big fad in the west particularly the United States and of course it’s infected India a bit, ‘Be in the moment’. I’ll ask you a simple question, be somewhere else and show me. Hello? Can you be somewhere else? But that’s the reason why you have a mind. You can sit here and think about Mumbai, you can think about yesterday, you can think about tomorrow, you can think about what was ten years ago, you can think about what is ten years later but you still live in this moment, isn’t it? Hmm? So essentially what is being said is do not think about yesterday, do not think about tomorrow just be with what is here right now. See it took millions of years of evolution to get this much cerebral capability that we can vividly remember every experience of our life and we have a fabulous sense of imagination that we can project and create a tomorrow in our mind and make efforts to manifest that. Now the reason why somebody is telling you be in the moment is because for many people these two faculties of memory and imagination which sets us apart from every other creature on this planet, no other creature on the planet has as vivid a sense of memory and imagination as we have. It has taken millions of years of evolution to get us here, but now because don’t know how to handle it, they are saying get rid of it. Don’t remember yesterday, do not think about tomorrow, just be with what is here right now. In a way we are talking about how to become an earthworm once again. I have great regard and respect for the earthworm, it’s very… very eco-friendly creature but with enormous effort this life has evolved from there to here, isn’t it? Is it important to learn how we can put this memory and imagination to the highest possible usage or is it best to erase it so that you can simply be here with little peace may be peaceful? It’s very easy to do this if we take away half your brain, you will be very peaceful and always in the now (Laughter). Yes? Is that what we are seeking is the question? this has happened because people have become capable of suffering that happened ten years ago. Hmm? Yes? You can suffer something that happened ten years ago and you can suffer what may happen day after tomorrow already. So you are not suffering life. You’re just suffering your memory and imagination. Because it’s gone berserk because you did not take charge of it. Or in other words the greatest faculty of what makes us human has become the problem. The best thing we have here for ourselves as human beings is this cerebral capability. Otherwise as a body you are not nothing much. You’re really nothing much compared to a tiger or an elephant or a… so many other creatures, Yes or no? As a physical body you are nothing much compared to many creatures, isn’t it so? But because we got this (Referring to mind), we can remember our experience of life, from that we can create an imagination. From that we can create or manage to plan and manifest what we want in our lives. Now such a great faculty has become a problem for lot of people. Because the only thing, the only and only thing that they are suffering is ‘life is not happening the way I think it should happen.’ Is there any other suffering? Is there any other suffering for a human being? ‘It’s not happening the way I think it should happen’ that’s all that is isn’t it? Today morning sun came up on time, hello? Now you’re looking ‘Okay so what?’ Tch you’re not understand what I am saying. You know this happens a little while ago, I was in United States and we were to fly a helicopter. It was a nice day weather wise. So we decided to take off the doors of the helicopter and fly a open helicopter because the weather was good. Every aviator knows that for every thousand kilometers… I mean thousand meters that you rise what is the temperature drop and what are the situations to expect this some… this is something that everybody knows. So based on that we took off but after sometime we hit a cold fraught. A cloud cover came and it became very-very cold. So cold that you couldn’t really hold the controls properly so we decided we’ll come down. We were coming down and just a casual discussion okay, tomorrow if sun doesn’t come up what will happen? So we’re making a guess maybe in six months this will happen, in three months that will happen, these kind of wild guesses. After I came down I did a bit of research and I found if the sun disappears right now, in eighteen hours’ time almost everything that you know as life will be gone except a few micro… microbial life which is deep down in the earth, except that, almost everything that you know as life – human, animal, plant life will be totally gone in eighteen hours’ time. So I just now gave you a very great news but you just ignored and just stared at me (Laughter). I said sun came up on time! You – ‘okay what about it?’ I’m telling you again, sun came on time I want to hear appropriate noises. Participants: Wow (Applause)! Sadhguru: See (Laughter)! And planets are going around the sun perfectly well today! Participants: Wow (Laughter)! Sadhguru: Planet is spinning on time! Participants: Very nice. Sadhguru: Everything in the universe is going perfectly well today. Entire cosmos – not a single accident. Hmm? Sadhguru: wow-wow-wow! Okay (Laughs)? But one nasty little thought is crawling in your head and it’s a bad day, yes? Just one silly thought is going on in your head and it’s a bad day? Everything is perfect in the cosmos. So what this means is your psychological reality has become larger than the existential reality. What’s happening in your head has become bigger than the cosmos. This is a loss of perspective. then you will make up all kinds of philosophies. Nobody has to tell you be in the moment because you cannot be anywhere else, yes? You just cannot be anywhere else, can you be? If you live you live in this moment, if you die you die in this moment, isn’t it so? So there is no danger that you may slip away from this moment that I have to teach you please be in this moment, don’t go away. There is no way to go. There is no way to go. Try. ‘No-no mentally I’m…’ Mentally you are not going anywhere. Mentally you can create images of anything. Your mind is a drawing board on which you can anything, you are in Pune you can write Mumbai in your mind. Should I take away this capability from you? Should I take (Laughs)… this is the most beautiful aspect of being human, isn’t it? that we can be here but we can imagine that, that and that and even things that we have not seen. Yes or no? So we are always weaving philosophies as to how to cripple ourselves because a whole lot of people understand… they think spirituality is a… a certain kind of disability. Yes (Laughs)? Because if you say I’m spiritual the first they’ll ask you is, what are all the things you don’t do? Or cannot do? Spiritual process if it’s a disability we must banish it, isn’t it? If spiritual process is a disability we must ban it in this country or no? If it’s an empowerment then everybody must have it. If it’s a disability we must get rid of it. But unfortunately it’s been seen as a disability for a long time. To such an extent, all kinds of things… You know few years ago I’m in Chennai. There is an important event and traffic in every city in India is becoming unravable You can’t plan in how many minutes or hours you can reach from one place to another, there is no… there is no sense to it. It can go anyway. You may land up there in fifteen minutes or it may take two hours. So I find I’m running out of time. I’m stuck in the road. Then I’ll do some forceful driving, this is the way to drive in this country okay, forcefully (Laughs). And this is in some hotel so I… I have somebody clear the security gate of the hotel and I drive in nearly eight-hundred kilometers per hour into the portico (Laughs), stop and I get out of the car and I run in because I have a reputation that in the last thirty-five years I’ve not been late to a single event in my life. So I don’t want to break it today. So I run in. Then after the event this journalist comes and says, “I saw you coming into the hotel how you came, in ancient times yogis used to walk, you drive your own car?” I said, “You idiot, in ancient times everybody was walking (Laughter) not just the yogi (Laughs). Everyone was walking. You think others were driving cars (Laughter). Everybody was walking, yogi also was walking. So we have these ideas that if you are spiritual you must be incapable of living in this world. You must just talk about that La-la land that you have not seen (Laughs). It’s most impractical and idiotic things have passed off as spiritual process. Spirituality or spiritual process is the highest level of empowerment that a human being can have because if it is not so you have no business with it. Nobody should have any business with it. So you never try to live in the moment. It’s just that your problem is this, you have been given a super-super computer. Do you agree with me this is the most sophisticated machine on the planet? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: I’m asking you have you read the user’s manual (Laughter)? No. That’s all the problem is. That is all the problem is you don’t know how to manage this. If your mind took instructions from you, if you can sit here and have the thought that you have, have the emotion that you want to have, is your mind a problem? Sadhguru: No. The damn thing is doing all kinds of things except of what you want. So this is the case with anything. If you do not know how to manage something just about everything is a problem, isn’t it?

24 thoughts on “Spirituality is not a Disability | Sadhguru

  • Blessingzz… How did you know… I shared you to the 11:11 group tonight… Thank You.. Sadhguru… You Truly are you… 13 days huh… Let's do coffee…

  • Sir, It is the same. Being in the moment means the same, as unawakened humans tend to involve with thoughts of their selection, every time throughout there life. Yes, their psychological reality is more than the real because they don't know the truth.
    Being in the moment is only possible if the reunion has been done, as the true self experiences every moment then on.. So it is just the same but just a different perspective…. 😇

  • Please bring the new content, it's repetitive as we can't laugh at the same joke again and again. Super computer and user manual story is very old now.
    Or in other words, I am looking for the content which is not given publicly or not everyone's cup of coffee. The main content is actually can't be given by anyone, one can show you the path, where you should go and experience yourself.

  • Your recommendate Meditation and Being in present moment Have same goal and same destination, different is how you are explaining. I heard you many time saying Just be here with me, what’s that mean ?
    And being in here now never mean to forget memory or stop thinking, they are just trying to beware and alert about thoughts which take over them as suffering, anxiety and depression.
    Am following your teachings before The idea about here and now. I experienced same thing in different way. Being here and now you just explained half part.

  • His message is simple "YOU ARE ONE WITH ALMIGHTY FROM FORMATION TO BIRTH TO LIFE AND FINALLY IN DEATH TO AFTER DEATH" and Yoga is the science(forces of unseen/invisible) that can or should be used to achieve the realisation of technology(body & mind).

  • I do like to explore the imaginations and possibilities and solutions.
    But, is it a problem, when i am just happy living in this moment and try to make the best out of what is actually happening, when i am not thinking about other stuff? @sadhguru
    this video left me a little bit disturded about my own beliefs.

  • Spirituality or spiritual process is the highest level of empowerment that a human can have, because if it is not than you have no business with it

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