Stretch marks/ 8 natural remedies to clear them

in this video I’ll be teaching us eight
natural remedies to remove stretch marks to make your stretch marks disappear in
less than a month less than a month because these are natural remedies and
they need just one month before you see the difference but trust me the
difference will be clear and the difference is very sweet so just keep
watching number 1 use potato juice use potato juice now take your potato
wash it cut it into two parts no need to peel this is not necessary just cut it into two
and then rub the the open end of the potato on your stretch marks so let’s
say I have stretch marks here now I’m going to rub your potato for like two
minutes now keep rubbing it there for
like two minutes and then you will let it just to dry on that part of my skin
Once it just dries I would wash it out with lukewarm water next use lemon juice now lemon you wash your lemon cut the lemon
into two the same way you cut your potato and then you apply lemon on that
part that has stretch marks and you leave it on your skin for ten minutes just ten
minutes so once its ten minutes you rinse it off aloe vera
use aloe vera just take your aloe vera if you have the aloe vera gel good for
you but if you have the fresh aloe vera the if you have it planted in
your garden or any pots around you just take one leaf succulent leaf cut out the
back and then scoop out the gel then combine this gel with coconut oil and
vitamin E oil mix this well and apply it on a stretch marks do this twice daily
and see results before one month shortly
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another step to make your stretch marks disappear is to drink a lot of water
water makes your skin look hydrated so cool and tone therefore the stretch
marks on that part of your skin will not be easily noticeable it will not be
noticeable as drinking a lot of water so your skin looks healthy you look so
cool it looks toned so now the next remedy is
to exfoliate with sugar exfoliate the part that has the stretch marks with
sugar now if you want to remove your stretch marks effectively you have to do
this once every week if you have sensitive skin but if your skin is okay
do this twice every week exfoliation sugar now how to exfoliate the sugar you
take one tablespoon of sugar mix it with almond oil and then don’t when you mix
it we then apply it on the part of your skin that has stretch marks this is also
how to remove stretch marks from your skin so the sixth remedy is to coat that part the stretch marks area of the skin for that egg whites take your
egg break it separate the white from the yolk and then you beat the white
through you beat the whites till it starts foaming and then you put it on your
stretch marks skin once you have put the eggwhite you
just allow it to dry once it dries wash it off now after washing off you
just apply olive oil to that part of your skin and that brings us to the last
step the last step is to just naturally after having a bath and drain your skin
routine just take your olive oil warm It how do you warm it you boil hot
water Pour it in a bowl dip the Olive oil
inside leave it for some time and then you apply that warm olive oil on your
skin apply it on that part that has stretch marks
then what’d you just do you just apply it each time instead of using body cream just use olive oil is only all for that then you just leave it after one one of
course the natural remedy so after one month you would severely salts cuts your
skills I have a lot of pimples because of my oily skin and black spots
So supposing you have oily skin you can also use cocoa butter
cocoa butter is the best very good very beautiful on the skin it is good for the skin
it doesn’t have any bad things for skin and it helps you to reduce your stretch
marks those are the eight natural remedies to make your stretch lights
disappear in one month remove stretch marks from the skin so
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