The Heart of Aromatherapy

– [Andrea] Understanding
how to use essential oils and how to make your own healthy products is such an empowering experience. Hi, I’m Andrea Butje,
and I want to welcome you to my new book, The Heart of Aromatherapy. I’d love to introduce you to
a few of the essential oils that I share in the book. Let’s begin with lavender. Such a nourishing and comforting aroma. Lavender knows how to
make people feel good and add a touch of beauty
everywhere it goes. Neroli’s enchanting aroma makes it a popular essential
oil for natural perfumes. The scent of neroli has such
a deeply soothing effect. Everyone knows the beauty of rose flowers. However, not everyone is
familiar with how it can support healthy, radiant skin. Essential oils are produced by distillers, dedicated to capturing the
perfect essence of each plant. Yet most people who use
essential oils have no idea who grows the plants
and produces the oils. In my book I introduce you to distillers from around the world. I also share over 100 recipes
so you can try your hand at creating your own healing blends. For instance, lemon brings
you an inhaler recipe called Happy and Healthy Trails, to make sure you stay
healthy during travel. This inhaler reminds you to experience the moment as precious. Lavender brings you a recipe called Squeaky Clean Skin-Friendly Dish Soap. It’s a fresh and natural
way to do the dishes while being automatically transported to a garden full of
beautiful flowers and herbs. I’m so excited to share the benefits of essential oils with you. I hope you enjoy reading
The Heart of Aromatherapy as much as I enjoyed writing it.

8 thoughts on “The Heart of Aromatherapy

  • YAY!!!! I am so excited for Andrea's new book to be released. As an Aromahead alumna, I adore Andrea's approach to aromatherapy education – it is so warm and inviting, and you will be transported into a very special space with this book. Her love and passion for aromatherapy will radiate with each word, picture and recipe. Enjoy and go forth to create beautiful blends. 🙂

  • Eagerly awaiting Andrea Butje's newest book, and have preordered my copy! She has a gift for touching that precious place in aromatherapy that engages both mind and heart, drawing on science and soul. If the book is like this video (and I know it will be!), it'll be a warm, nurturing resource for solid info as she walks you through how to use essential oils safely and beautifully for a healthy, happy, and fragrant home.

  • Not long now till it is released. I can't wait to see and learn more about aromatherapy from one of the best teachers I have ever encountered. Roll on Jan 17th!

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