The importance of the holistic approach

My name’s Mandy Cutler, and I’m the head of
the Complimentary Therapy team. I don’t think there is a typical day – it
can be very varied from providing clinics for myself which is mainly clinical hypnotherapy
and that can be all day, I try to vary the management side of it and the holistical therapy
side of it. From the complimentary therapy point of view,
I think we see patients for varied reasons, from lots of symptoms, whether it’s anxiety,
pain, side effects of treatments, and we can see them during their treatment, after their
treatment, so we can see a wide, varied reason to see the patient and the benefits are I
suppose seeing them coming out differently to when they came in. I think the most rewarding part for me is
seeing a patient coming in for an assessment who’s really struggled, the side effects of
their treatments, their self esteem their confidence is really low, and seeing that
patient coming in then, to seeing them 6 weeks, 8 weeks later going out, confidence has improved,
self esteem has improved, they’re able to think beyond cancer or any other form of disease
that they may have. And that for me is the benefit. I think it’s always the fear of the unknown,
like with anything, the more you worry about it the more in your imagination you will build
it up to be something it’s actually not. I would always suggest come and have a look
around, come and have a chat to people, and go from there rather than letting the anxiety
and the fear take over.

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