Welcome to Sorted ultimate battles three life long mates go head to head to head to cook up the ultimate dish around a theme their friend and chef Ben will judge them on taste but ultimately you decide who is victorious let’s do this now I’m no vegan but some of my favourite recipes are vegan inspired and this is one of my favourites it’s roasted tomato, squashetti it’s a squash, with one big tomato, and a couple of little tomatoes yeah pretty much and it starts with an amazing tomato sauce quinoa seems a little bit predictable for a vegan recipe but I wanted to create something that I could replicate at home so I’m making quinoa risotto oh God that sounds like the kind of thing Ben would serve on a first date so I gotta start by chopping up an onion and frying it in a pan now whilst these two are having to change what it is that they are cooking to try and fit into a vegan theme I’m gonna make something that everybody loves it’s an icecream cake and it starts by making our ice cream out of bananas Barry: um sorry an ice cream cake. Mike: that is the most hypocritical sentence Mike: so oh creating something that fits into the vegan theme you’ve just created something that does entirely that Stop it! good job at not playing Mario cart right I’ve got my tomatoes and my garlic salt and pepper all in a pan and that’s going in the oven for half and hour also can I say your, ah, your short choice’s are bold today gone for the, eh, steve irwin and the miami vice it’s quite warm in here so it took you a whole train journey to think up that joke all black, slimming is it we can talk so with my porcini mushrooms I’m gonna make a porcini tea so I’m gonna steep my porchnis in the water so I’m gonna let it soak and kind of infuse for the next 10 minutes and that is a game changer for this recipe, adds a lovely umami flavour to the recipe oh! we’ve only been doing this 5 minutes and you’ve already frozen your bananas I know I’m now going to attempt to make my Squashetti I’m a little bit scared it’s a big squash who made this set? what is that plug just doing there we’re balancing the table on tins of chopped tomatoes oh yeah vegan chocolate biscuit crumb it’s going to go into a bowl along with some melted coconut oil stir it all up and that will become our buttery coconut oily biscuit base has anyone here actually been to a vegan restaurant yeah, yep I had a recipe like this actually so you’ve in fact stolen this no I haven’t I mean you couldn’t have gone for something unbelievably orginal like risotto these banana skins are dangerous who put those there? urgh I’m positive that I must have missed a step but I haven’t I just need to spend 15 minutes on these onions oh well that’s good for a second it was… it’s working oh no keep it going I’m gonna blend up some frozen bananas with some cocoa powder and some vanilla extract and that is going to create our ice cream let’s get, oh, really hard bananas when they’re frozen oink oh flick it it’s nice kitchen roll holder kitchen roll… that’s a kitchen roll holder holey balls I might actually be able to move on step two step two add your quinoa into the pan along with my asparagi and then I’m gonna toss it about and coat it in all that lovely oil so you fry off the quinoa first? yeah um because that toasts it slightly and it gives a nice little caramelised flavour so when I add my liquid it will have two levels of flavour not just your quinoa flavour but your crunchy texture and also a little bit of burnt wow I like how you started off completely like you were making it up as you were going along by the end of it you’d convinced yourself that you knew what you were talking about it turned into something good didn’t it that’s like how sorted started don’t know how, do you want me to do that for you while you make the pesto I’ve got time would you mind no that’s fine if you sabotage me from behind I’ll be really annoyed at you I won’t I think one more stir might just get those bits at the top boom town what’s next cos barry’s very kindly stirring my risotto to stop it burning and crisping up too much um I need to make a pesto so as soon as that’s done I can stir it in and it won’t go mushy so here’s how you make the pesto avocado, parsley, basil, spinach, pine nuts, garlic into a blender, blend it up lovely there you go, pesto hey pesto hey pesto need to get my base out of the freezer and now we can start actually constructing it so it’s not all construction you have to make the things before you construct it it’s “cooking” boys, you might as well just go home this is going to be phenomenal oi, don’t leave my risotto unattended no, it’s fine it’s gonna be fine well why, do you need help? can you not do that by yourself? it seems you’ve got barry doing half of it and you’re just screwing up the other half I think we can all agree that that was sabotage pips, pine nuts, they all look the same now it’s time to make my sauce properly take half of my tomato mixture, bunging it in a blender with some basil, or basil, some sugar some salt think about it oh! and my mushrooms that have already been soaked with the water as well sorted so I’m nearly there, I’ve got my Squashetti cooking I’ve just poured some boiling hot water over those letting that cook for about 10 minutes and I’ve got to drain that and, just, put it all together now I think this is done the way you can tell, take one strand and throw it against the fridge if it sticks, no that’s SPAGhetti isn’t it chocolate, frozen ice cream cake, what’s going to happen now I’m gonna drizzle some chocolate over the top okay, oh so you did cook something no but having said that mate, think about what you could do with the decoration here yeah, can’t, can’t wait to see ah nice, yeah he know he’s lost, I know ok, final step now I’m just going to stir some of my pesto through this to give it a lovely garlicy, fresh taste there’re so many pips in this [dramatic music] mushy tomato Squashetti, what do you think? quite a lot of texture good for the bowels that roasted flavour awesome, well seasoned under-cooked is what you mean crunchy, still nutritious, it’s really good this just looks awesome, summery, freshness wondered what he was gonna say then it’s got a good consistency for a risotto really, really fresh yeah tangy from the lemon, but it’s got the creaminess from the avocado this is the ice cream cake of your dreams here see what I like is that you’ve got three layers three different textures awesome on banana and chocolate, winner what, what what what Ben: it would be Jamie: no, no, no you heard that, winner it doesn’t matter what I think, cos you guys get the final vote, exactly so make sure you comment down below on which one you think has won and head to sorted food if you want the full recipes and give it a like over there can we just bleep that out?


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