Hi, I am Jyothi Chabria. In this segment,
I will be talking about 10 high protein vegetarian sources of food. Its quite strange that the
vegetarians are always worried whether their protein content is being met or no. But, today
in the market we have several several products which are rich in protein. One major source
of protein that we find is soya bean which is one of the richest source of protein in
vegetarian diets. Today you have options of soya flour, you have options of soya milk,
you have soya snacks, you have soya oil, several products of soya available in the market today.
Other sources of protein or protein rich foods would include things like sprouts. Sprouts
can be made out of all kind of beans, it can be kidney beans, it could be green gram, it
can be all the other pulses can also be sprouted and used. Vegetarians are also now a days
consume a lot of eggs, because eggs are no more considered in non-vegetarian food group
really speaking because, most of the eggs are result of poultry farming, its not really
fertilized or something like that. So, eggs are almost considered vegetarian today. So
another good source of protein would be eggs and a lot of pulses, all the green gram, black
gram, these are being used. In fact a mixture of couple of pulses and legumes are being
used. Nuts are a good source of protein in vegetarian sources like almonds or you have
the walnuts or you have sunflower seeds. These are all good sources of protein in vegetarian
diets. One of the other sources besides milk of course is the whey protein which is, essentially
when you set curd and the water that you get on top is what people discard normally but,
ideally speaking I don’t think many people know that, that is one of the richest sources
of vegetarian protein as in it called whey protein. It is even used in the pharma sector
today to make certain drugs, because it gives you the protein content that’s far higher
than lot of other protein sources in vegetarian foods.

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