– [Narrator] Feeling the winter blues? It could be time to start
planning your next vacation. If you’re looking to
jet off on an adventure, there are a number of vegan-friendly
destinations to choose from. Here are the top 20 vegan-friendly
cities to visit in 2020. If you’re new to our channel, you can subscribe by hitting the leaf icon in the bottom right corner of the video. Click the bell icon to
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like and comment below. Number one, Berlin, Germany. Berlin, Germany’s capital
city, has so much to offer, from art to history to culture. The city’s vegan food scene
is also rich and diverse. If you’re looking for junk food, raw food, smoothies, donuts, or snacks,
Berlin has you covered. Try vegan banana and peanut
donuts at Brammibal’s in Kreuzberg if you’re
after something sweet, or if you’re in the mood for a burger, stop at Reger Burger food truck. The truck, which offers vegan fast-food, tours Berlin’s trendiest areas,
including the Green Market. If you would prefer to cook for yourself, Berlin is also brimming
with organic supermarkets where you can buy whole food produce. Number two, Krakow, Poland. Krakow is a charming medieval
city in the South of Poland. As well as museums, history,
culture, and affordable bars, Krakow is teaming with
vegan-friendly cafes, restaurants, and fast-food joints. According to veggie
travel guide Happy Cow, the city is home to over 100 restaurants that either offer vegan options
or are entirely plant-based. Try vegan pastrami at Krowarzywa, a small Polish vegan burger chain, or if you prefer something
more natural and healthy, Veganic’s menu is vegetable-centric. The vegetarian restaurant
focuses on creating dishes with intense and original
flavors from plant products. Number three, New York City, US. With more than 500
vegan-friendly restaurants to choose from, New York is one of the most vegan-friendly
cities in the world. From Thai to Japanese to
Italian, plant-based travelers in the Big Apple are spoiled with choices. If you want something a little high-end, celebrity chef Matthew Kenney has a number of vegan restaurants across New York City, including Plant Food and
Wine, Sentio, and Bar Verde. – It’s critically important, I think, to really show that
plants are like the top when it comes to food. But also, you know, it’s
just an art experience. I mean, you want to feel
like you’re painting or sculpting or drawing. – [Narrator] Vegan
restaurateur Ravi De Rossi also owns a string a
restaurants and cocktail bars, including high-end Avant
Garden in the East Village. For Soul Food, try Seasoned Vegan and for Japanese-style food
look out for Beyond Sushi, a plant-based sushi chain. If you’re self-catering,
many supermarkets, like Lifethyme, Whole
Foods, and Trader Joe’s, are brimming with vegan food. Number four, Los Angeles, US. Los Angeles is arguably
one of the easiest places on the planet to eat vegan. Among a plethora of
plant-based restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, and
independent grocery stores, the heart of SoCal even
has its own vegan milkman, a Jewish delicatessen that
makes pastrami out of mushrooms, and an In-n-Out style vegan burger joint. Every year it also plays
host to Eat Drink Vegan, a vegan festival that’s like a plant-based
foodie version of Coachella. For pizza, try Cruzer Pizza and Pasta. The restaurant serves a
variety of creative recipes, using different vegan meats and cheeses. Or try vegan pizza favorite, Mohawk Bend in the hip
Echo Park neighborhood. There is also Little Pine,
a vegan restaurant owned by musician and animal
rights activist Moby, and Crossroads Kitchen,
an upmarket vegan eatery offering wine, cocktails, and fine food. Number five, Hong Kong. Hong Kong is on many bucket lists. It’s home to towering skyscrapers, vibrant night markets,
scenic hiking trails, and lots and lots of vegan food. The city’s growing scene is
largely thanks to Green Monday. The movement, similar to Meatless Mondays, was founded by David Yeung. It has helped to spread the word about the benefits of eating vegan food by working with restaurants to add more plant-based
products to their menus. Green Monday also has its own
grocery store and restaurant, called Green Common, which
serves dishes like pho soup and breakfast scramble made
with the JUST vegan egg. – It’s about providing real
solution to empower people with healthy and sustainable choices. – [Narrator] For comfort
food try POP vegan, for Buddhist vegetarian
cuisine try Pure Veggie House, and for Cantonese try Bijas Vegetarian. Number six, Mumbai, India. Mumbai is vibrant, busy,
and rich in history. It’s also ideal for vegan travelers. Many traditional Indian dishes
are already vegan-friendly, because a large portion of the Indian population is vegetarian. Dahl dishes are usually plant-based, as is vegetable biryani, and sides such as samosas and pakoras. If you want to go somewhere
exclusively vegan, Earth Cafe serves westernized
plant-based dishes, as does Earthling’s Cafe and Rare Earth. For traditional Indian food, there’s Aharveda at the
Hotel Golden Chariot. – All food here is vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and oil-free. – [Narrator] Number seven,
Chiang Mai, Thailand. Thanks to its beautiful
scenery and laid back vibes, the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai is a backpacking hotspot
in Southeast Asia. With over 100 vegan and vegetarian
restaurants in the city, Chiang Mai is also a
vegan traveler’s paradise. Traditional Thai, Chinese,
Burmese, Japanese, and Western are just some
of the cuisines available. For vegan steak, burgers, and also traditional Thai
dishes, try Goodsouls Kitchen. For a mix of western and Thai food, including vegan fishcakes, pad Thai, and stuffed cucumber rolls,
try Ama Vegan Kitchen. Number eight, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Although Dutch cuisine
traditionally includes a lot of meat and dairy, it’s incredibly easy to eat vegan food in Amsterdam. The city is brimming with vegan
and vegetarian restaurants. For ramen, try Men Impossible. To help prevent food waste, the restaurant prepares
each dish fresh to order. There are also several locations
of Vegan Junk Food Bar. The restaurant chain serves a variety of plant-based junk food,
including vegan calamari, chicken burgers, and vegan bratwurst. Overall, there are nearly 400
vegan-friendly restaurants in Amsterdam. Number nine, London, UK. Apart from the museums, bridges,
and quirky vintage markets, and places of historical significance, the best thing London
has to offer may just be its diverse range of vegan food. You can get a vegan version of pretty much anything you
desire in the UK’s capital, from Indian at City Spice on Brick Lane, to kebabs at What the Pitta, to cheesy, meaty, pizzas at Purezza. Vegan fried chicken is also on offer at Camden’s Temple of Seitan, and plant-based fast casual
chain By Chloe has two spots in the city, in Covent
Garden and Tower Bridge. Number 10, Bristol, UK. Located in the southwest
of the United Kingdom, Bristol has a vegan scene to rival any capital
city around the world. Chef’s Pencil even labeled it
as the number one destination for plant-based food in the world, edging out major European
capitals like Berlin and London. The popular destination is even home to vegan vending machines. Earlier this year, Vegan Vend
launched Violet and Daisy, two purely plant-based vending machines, in the Galleries shopping center and studio complex the Island. Bristol is home to around
167 vegan restaurants, including Oowee, a vegan junk food diner, and Eat Your Greens, a vegan cafe which serves up
traditional roasts on Sundays. Number 11, Portland, US. Portland, Oregon, really
is the place to be if you’re after lots
of vegan food choices. The city is packed with
plant-based options and is frequently acknowledged as one of the most
vegan-friendly destinations in the United States. The city is even home to
an all-vegan strip club. At Casa Diablo, plant-based
food is on the menu and dancers wear only
animal-free clothing. If you’re after a more
conventional style of restaurant, top eateries in Portland include Vtopia, which offers more than 20 vegan cheeses, and Back to Eden, which offers a variety of dairy and egg-free baked goods. Barbecue lovers can
enjoy meat-free offerings from Homegrown Smoker,
and those with a craving for ice-cream can visit Little Chkpea. Number 12, Turin, Italy. Nestled in the Italian Alps, just under a two-hour drive
from Italy’s fashion capital of Milan, is the city of Turin. It’s grand, it’s picturesque, and it’s extremely vegan-friendly. In fact, it’s most known to some as Italy’s first vegetarian city, thanks to its mayor Chiara Appendino. Back in 2016, Appendino
proposed a weekly meat-free day, as well as animal welfare
lessons in schools. For healthy fast food, try Flower Burger, an Italian vegan burger
chain with locations in Turin as well as Rome and Monza. If you’re feeling adventurous,
try its black charcoal bun. For pastries, there’s Ratatouille, which also serves traditional
Turin-style Pizza. Number 13, Kyoto, Japan. Kyoto, once the capital of ancient Japan, is famous for its temples, shrines, markets, palaces, and museums. It is also known for its traditional
Buddhist vegetarian cuisine. Shojin ryori consists of tofu, vegetables, and wild mountain plants. Whilst shojin ryori is still
served proudly across the city, in the modern day there is a variety of other vegan food also on offer. Pizza, Israeli food, authentic
and traditional Japanese, Japanese raw, and French are just some of the cuisines available. Ain Soph vegan restaurant serves
plant-based fusion cuisine. Its menu includes mushroom
hayashi rice and green curry. For traditional Japanese, try Itadakizen. The restaurant serves classic dishes such as grilled onigiri. Number 14, Taipei, Taiwan. Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, is well known for its hiking
trails, stunning scenery, and beautiful Buddhist temples. It is also one of the most
vegan friendly destinations in the world. The city was given the title of “Asia’s Most Vegan
Friendly City” back in 2016. There are nearly 280 vegan-friendly
restaurants in the city, and travelers can get
their hands on everything from traditional Taiwanese
to western fusion. For modern vegan food, try Plants. The restaurant serves a
variety of healthy dishes, including chia pudding,
kale salads, and smoothies. For Taiwanese and fusion
dishes, there’s Flourish. It also serves homemade
kombucha, cakes, and smoothies. Number 15, Cape Town, South Africa. As well as Table Mountain,
stunning beaches, and nature reserves, Cape Town is home to a number of restaurants
serving vegan food. The majority of vegan restaurants and offerings can be found in
the central business district. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, Unframed offers a wide range
of vegan ice cream flavors. If chocolate is more your thing, Honest Chocolate Cafe offers a variety of hand-crafted indulgent
chocolates and bakes. Number 16, Toronto, Canada. Toronto is home to dozens
of vegan restaurants, as well as two of North America’s biggest
vegan food festivals, The Veg Food Fest and the
Vegandale Food Drink Festival. The latter is hosted by 5700 Inc, a company that owns several
vegan businesses in Parkdale. The neighborhood, dubbed Vegandale, is home to Vegandale
Brewery, Mythology Diner, Not Your Mother ice cream parlor, a vegan clothing store
called the Imperative, and Copenhagen Vegan Cafe. Kensington market, one of Toronto’s most
diverse neighborhoods, is also home to several vegan restaurants, including Bunner’s
Bakeshop, Urban Herbivore, and The Vegan Extremist. Number 17, San Jose, Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a dream location for many. It’s rich in culture,
wildlife, and stunning scenery. Its capital, San Jose, is
also a worthwhile destination, filled with beautiful architecture, parks, and lots of good food. There are around 40 vegan-friendly
restaurants in San Jose, each of them offering something
a little bit different. If you’re after fast food, try Luv Burger. Everything on the menu is vegan, aside from honey in some dishes. For fusion cuisine, there’s Mantras Veggie Cafe and Tea House. For a mix of Spanish,
Peruvian, Costa Rican, and cuisines like Japanese and
Italian, try Arbol De Seda. It’s a vegetarian restaurant, so make sure you ask for
your dish without dairy. Number 18, Nairobi, Kenya. Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city, has plenty to offer a vegan traveler. From elephant orphanages
to giraffe hotels, life in and just outside
the city has plenty of opportunities to see animals
in their natural habitat. – [Man] What I normally think about this work is like a mission. We have to rescue the
babies and help them grow and to see them go back into the wild. – [Narrator] It’s also relatively easy to eat vegan food in the city. For Kenyan cuisine, try Jagannath Restaurant on Kipande Road. If you’re in the mood for Indian food, there are a number of
vegan-friendly restaurants in the city, including
Ashiana Vegetarian Restaurant and Chowpaty Pure Vegetarian Restaurant. Number 19, Denpasar, Bali. If you’re flying off to Bali, it’s likely you’ll land near
the island’s capital Denpasar. Many tourists are eager to
get out of the area quickly, in order to see Bali’s beautiful beaches, temples, and green villages. However, if you venture into the capital, you’ll find the city has plenty to offer, including street markets,
boutiques, and the Bali Museum. For Indonesian vegan food,
try Gaurangan Prasadam, Uma Vegan Food and Coffee,
Maharani Vegetarian Tohpati, or Ljo Daun Vegan. Across Bali, it’s easy to find vegan food. If you visit local warungs,
there is usually a selection of vegetables, rice,
noodles, tempeh, and tofu. Number 20, Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne, the Australian
capital of Victoria, is one of the most visited
destinations in the country thanks to its location on the east coast. It’s packed with things to do, including museums and nightlife, and is home to some beautiful beaches. The city is also a vegan
traveler’s paradise, with many plant-based restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries. Lord of the Fries is one of the most popular vegan businesses. The plant-based fast-food
chain specializes in burgers, nuggets, hot dogs, and its
signature crispy fries. If you want to sample for yourself, Lord of the Fries has multiple
locations in Melbourne, including Elizabeth Street
and Southern Cross Station. That’s it for the list. Which one will you travel to next? Let us know in the comments below. As always, remember to subscribe and hit the notification bell. New videos every Tuesday and Friday. (calm music)

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