Ulcerative Colitis Ayurvedic Treatment Information with Real Testimonial

Today we have amongst us, Ms Parvinder Kaur. She came to me about a year ago, same day, January 31st, 2016. She resides in Auckland, New Zealand. She came to know about me from YouTube that there are quite good results for Ulcerative colitis. She thought that she’s suffering so much that she should come to India. She came and said that Dr. Vikram I won’t go back and I’ll stay in Chandigarh till I’m completely cured. I started her treatment. Let’s ask her when you came last year what was your condition and how frequently you had to use the washroom? Last year when I came I suffered gradual weight loss that was around 20 kgs. I was 69 kgs and it came down to 48kgs and I fell unconscious once or twice. I would go to the washroom around 30 to 40 times. But I had started taking precautions beforehand which decreased the frequency of stools. Then I started researching about the diet chart Dr Vikram had given online and that improved my condition to an extent that I was able to travel as earlier my condition was so worse that I couldn’t even travel. Then I followed the diet chart and when I was sure that I could travel now I came here and told my entire case to sir. When my treatment started I was taking allopathic medicines along with steroids. Steroids were not beneficial for me so, I stopped taking them but I continued taking other medicines. When you prescribed medicines to me, my condition improved 20 days afterthat and the allopathic medicines were also reduced and after a month all my allopathic medicines and steroids were totally stopped. She had frequent motions about 30 to 40 times even after taking those medicines and there was bleeding, body aches and weakness. Her weight as I’m seeing today is quite improved, she has gained 15 kilograms as earlier she was very weak. Basically, diet has a huge role to play in Sangrahini (Ulcerative colitis). In Ayurveda, we call it Raktatisar, Pittatisar, Aamatisar it is a mixture of all these, it is sannipaat that means it is combined all the diseases come together that results in exuding of Pitta, ama, mucus, pus, blood, the food doesn’t digest and the patient starts losing weight as a result becoming weaker. Ultimately, immunosuppressant like Azoran are given. She was taking Azathioprine, I remember. I stopped that also gradually. Immunosuppressant, steroids, Mesacol are given and they cause a lot of side effects but the patient cannot find any relief. My immune system was so weak that if I crossed a sick person I would fall sick too. Yes, she had so much weakness. So, now she has no bleeding. Since when are you not facing any problem now? My problem was solved in March itself. Ok, that means last January you started taking the treatment and in just 2 -3 months you were absolutely fine. Once in a while things get a little upset but it’s not like it was in the beginning. Can you say that you’re 100% cured now? Yes, we can say it in a way but I still take a lot of precautions with my diet. They say that the water in New Zealand is absolutely clean but I still boil it before drinking. Just because she’s quite scared of her disease she’s extra cautious but according to me she’s cured. But we should always keep dietary precautions. Here is the diet chart that I often ask my patients to follow. Milk, cheese, tea, buttermilk suits a few people, it’s better avoided. It can be taken if it suits you. The rest of the things don’t suit the patients like sour fruits, tomatoes, peas, beans, cauliflowers, watermelon. The foods which increase Vata in the body should be avoided. Melon, cucumber these shouldn’t be taken. Some people take Aloe vera juice that also cleans the bowels and that can increase the frequency of motions. The things that should be consumed are Pomegranate juice (50ml) not more than that, Khichdi, rice, bananas can be taken. Some people ask me if they can consume oats. Oats, porridge should not be consumed as they’re heavy and are taken or made with milk. Cornflakes can’t be taken, biscuits, dry toasts. These foods are heavy for the patients, therefore, are better avoided. In Ayurveda it is said that (SHLOKA) that means if you’re taking precautions then medicines are not required and if you don’t take precautions then also medicines are not required as they will not be beneficial. Therefore, precautions have a huge importance. Now, she has just come to meet and say thanks. She herself said that why you didn’t make my video, she said that she wanted to tell her case to people. You, yourself give a message to the viewers. My message is that take care of your diet and eat your meals and medicines on time. The main thing is that everything has to be done on time and if you need full body recovery then add Yoga also. Which Yoga have you done? I’ve done full body Yoga especially for the joints. Earlier I did restricted Yoga postures now I can practice any Asana. Just avoid exerting the abdominal area. Kapal bhaati shouldn’t be done in excess because the intestines are weak so avoid Kapal bhaati in the beginning. Anulom Vilom and Bhastrika can be done. Diet should be taken care of. Running, planks should be avoided. Anything that causes exertion in the stomach area shouldn’t be done. Anything that causes exertion in the stomach area shouldn’t be done. But when gradually your intestines get stronger you’ll be able to all Yoga poses. According to me you can do it now also but still after 1 or 2 months or three months. Dr Vikram, the viewers might like to the medicines you prescribed to her? I don’t have the list of medicines with me right now but the medicines I prescribe usually are Arjuna capsules as it has cold potency, obstructive and is astringent. As soon as it enters the body, it constricts the blood vessels and heals the wound. Apart from that there are Coolstrin A, Coolstrin B which have Mimosa pudica that is touch me not is also constricting with which the blood vessels get constricted and prevent bleeding. Then, I prescribe Pitta balance that pacifies the Pitta dosha. Vasa is the most superior herbal medicine for Raktapitta. Raktapitta is a disease which causes bleeding from the Upper respiratory tract. Bleeding from anywhere can be cured by Vasaka as it is considered to be the most superior medicine. The most important to stop diarrhea is Vatsak. Kutaj is known as Vatsak. Kutajghan vati is what I prescribe. Kutaj is grahi (promotes digestive fire and enhances digestion), constricting and astringent in taste and has a cold potency. Just remember that you’ve to take cold potency herbs in this disorder and never hot potency drugs I’ve seen prescriptions of Gastroentrologists and they prescribe Curcumin. Curcumin according to me shouldn’t be given though it is anti-inflammatory. From the point of view of inflammation allopathic doctors have started writing curcumin. Curcumin is turmeric but curcumin is hot in potency. It will heal wounds but it will irritate the intestines and aggravate pitta. So, it shouldn’t be given. Turmeric is good for digestion, in mucous but It shouldn’t be given in case of bleeding. Ginger, turmeric should not be taken. Things which have a hot potency should be avoided like Tulsi (Holy Basil). Some people take Basil tea. Aloe vera is piercing in nature. It causes purgation that’s why Aloe Vera juice should also be avoided in Ulcerative colitis. We have Vatsakadi churna, Kutaj, Bael. Bael fruit is also very useful, Pitta balance. These are the type of medicines I use. Thank you so much giving such a useful testimonial to our viewers, ma’am.

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