UTI Homeopathic remedies for urinary tract infection part 3.Ramadan Special (Episode 8)

now we will learn about ‘lycopodium” important point of lycopodium is”lycopodium is right sided remedy” and mostly this remedy effects on right sided uti. very important symptom of lycodpodium is… 1…severe lower back ache before urination. 2….child of lycopdium weeps, aggressive before urination. 3..kidney pain before urination,but after urination pain relief. 4…pains travel from kidney to bladder. 5…frequent to urinate. 6…cystitis. 7…urine turbid, milky. 8…hematuria. 9…polyuria at night. 10…red sand in urine red sand in urine is very important symptom. what is the meaning of red sand in urine? let us know about the meaning of red sand in urine.. different writers says.. the broken parts of RBCs in our bladder or any where in the urinary tract and they pas out through urine and sparkle so this is called “red sand in urine” this is enough for today if u like our video so hit the like button and share with your friends.. and subscribe our channel and hit the bell i con for more educational videos. see you tomorrow with new video.

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