UTI Homeopathic remedies for urinary tract infection part 8. Ramadan Special (Episode 13).

these were very important homeopathic remedies for U.T.I with their important symptoms and leading symptoms. hope you got a great guide line from them. before sinning out only 2 very important tips for you. here we are going to compare “apis mellifica and cantharis” here i am going to show you how you can differentiate the patient of apis mellifica and cantharis. 1..first we will talk about “apis mellifica” all the pains of apis mellifica according to U.T.I. “pains from bladder to kidneys” i mean “from downward to upward” we can say “ascending pains are apis mellifica’s patient” but when we talk about cantharis… all the pains of cantharis according to U.T.I. “pains from kidneys to bladder” we can say “descending pain are “cantharis” from upward to downward now we are coming are next tip this tip is related with 3 homeopathic remedies. our first one remedy is “lycopodium” second one is “cantharis” and third one is “sarsaprilla” pains of lycopodium increase “before urination” pains of cantharis increase “during urination” pains of sarsprilla increase “after urination” the meaning of this tip is… increase the problem/pain of lycopodium’s patient before urination. increase the problem/pain of cantharis’s patient before urination. but the pains of sarsaprilla’s patient increase after urination. these were tips. hope these tips helped you a lot. and these tips helped you out for the best prescription. its enough for today. if you likes our video hit the like button and share with your friends. and subscribe our channel and hit the bell icon.. you will get notification on time

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