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Welcome to Monikazz fashion. Today i will make Veg Egg Curry.You would be wondering that i am talking about Vegetarian and also talking about Egg. It is not like that.Today i will make Egg look vegetarian curry. Lets see what ingredients we need. Chopped onion. Ginger garlic paste.1 tomato and green chili Grated. 2 tea spoon tomato puree. 2 tea spoon fresh cream. fine Cut Coriander leaves. Cumin seed, salt, Red Chili powder, Turmeric. Kashmiri red Chili powder. Coriander Powder and Oil. Main Ingredients are Boiled Potato and cheese. First we will add veg oil. fry the onion. Take out the fried Onion in the Boil and let it cool. Again add some oil and we will make masala paste. First add Cumin seed.Ginger garlic paste. Tomato, mix and fry. Till it is frying we will grind the fried onion. We have fried the tomato well. Now we will add onion grated. let fry the onion. Cut the Boiled potato diagonally. With the help of Spoon we will scoop out small portion of Potato. Now we well mash the cheese. Add salt, turmeric and mix well. Now we will add the mixture into the hollow tomato and fill like this. see it is looking just like egg. If your guest has arrived and they are Vegetarian, you can prepare this dish. Now we will add ready made puree. mix.Now add Coriander powder. salt. Red chili powder in small quantity as we are going to add Kashmiri red chili also. Mix. Now add Fresh cream. add little water. and Boil. Now add green chopped Coriander leaves and will keep some for garnish. Now we will add our Egg look potato softly. Kept potato in the masala Curry so as to mix in the potato. Take out in the serving Dish. So you have seen how easy it is to prepare without egg, Veg egg curry. it is very easy to prepare and is very tasty. If you like the recipe then plz do like, share and subscribe my Channel Monikazz fashion. Thank you for watching my Video.

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