Voice Actor Shares Secrets To Changing Your Voice (ft. ProZD)

sometimes you need a really obnoxious sort of like hey you yeah no I was gonna say go yourself but that’s not appropriate I’m sung one show I’m a voice actor and I also have a youtube channel called Pro ZD I do short skits and nerdy stuff and basically whatever I feel like doing much sanderoff you are behind all this you should wish I you rub your mother’s eyes I’m gonna do some voices and try to describe how I do them I may not be the best guy to ask for how do you properly physically do all these voices I kind of just go with my gut but you know that’s okay they already asked me here so too bad I get asked a lot to do kind of like these grand old king or God voices the first troll ever did was a Zeus in a game called the pantheon and he’s kind of this sort of gravelly sort of old voice of the audacity to invade my kingdom how would I describe how to do that I always try have a little texture a little growl to it only is that because what a brother that’s the sort of growl you can kind of inject into a specific voice there was a game called the hat in time I voiced the owls in it in that game they were these he’s very nervous little owls they were just tiny little guys and so my voice goes up quite a bit in pitch give it a little shaky quad oh oh no I’m very nervous about what’s what’s going on because the characters were so small and nervous that sort of shaky quality I felt was very important pitch wise you can kind of go up and gonna talk like this sort of a higher sort of hey I’m kind of like a protagonist kind of voice that kind of range higher range you can go up there and then if you go up there and then kind of go even higher and more cartoony and then nervous you gotta get that sort of little little owl voice so I have a deep voice and so often times I’ll get asked to do deep voice characters I’ve voiced a character named Toro in nomads of nowhere a rooster teeth animated show and Toro is kind of a he’s like a more confident version of me so they wanted him to not sound super growly instead they wanted him to sound very casual very very notice I’m doing this without even realizing it so oftentimes in the with physicality sometimes comes into play like with this my I instinctively put up my arms like this he’s kind of a big beefy guy yes I mean yeah thank you for noticing with that kind of deep voice and then you can kind of make a dopey er if you want you can plan for like Oakland accent on it and then he’s kind of a little more if you’re doing this kind of Tony it’s a friendly a kind of guy hey it’s me your pal but then you can also kind of go I don’t know stereotypical like err like the big guy oh yeah boys I’m gonna beat out of you that kind of voice so a lot of times in cartoons you hear voices and a lot of those voices are actually just impressions of classic actors like a very popular one is Edwin thank you papa sort of this kind of voice it’s you have sort of a lisp on you boy thin a very whimsical quality Pat Buttram sort of a sort of a southern kind of kind of boys oh sure mouth you can do that for a like a prospector or something like yessiree got a little uh spittle to it you can make it look short of a prospector kind of voice sometimes you want to play like a snooty character and I like to do what’s basically it’s not a British accent but it’s more like a like a mid-atlantic accent so it’s sort of this kind of voice it’s very very dignified very precise with its pronunciation and its diction so when it’s time to play a character with more of a regal presence it’s you have to really focus you have to really focus on your words if you want to do like an old-timey voice like I’m talking like it’s the Colgate Power Hour with that sort of old 50’s sort of announcer type boys you really let that sort of texture going on words like boys when you watch old movies and you think everyone sounds kind of weird it’s because they’re all doing Mid Atlantic accents it’s like a weird almost like fake accent that they’re all doing because they think that’s how people should sound there’s common misconception that it’s about the voice but I would say the acting is the most important part even if you can do lots of different voices it doesn’t matter unless you can also act I’m not sure this was helpful at all but I had fun doing it if you feel inspired to pursue it yourself and I think I think you just gotta practice just gotta get out there and perform and do it it’s the easiest would it start us just are doing it self [Music]

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