Wellness Webinar: Ayurveda Cooking Class: Easy, Healthy Snacks for Kids and Adults

Hi everyone and welcome. My name is Laurina Carroll and I’m an Ayurveda
Wellness Consultant. This evening will be a cooking class of healthy
snacks for children and adults. I want to tell you a little bit about myself. About 30 years ago, I met a wonderful doctor
by the name of Dr. Vasant Lad. That was in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is an Ayurvedic Wellness Consultant, like
I am now. He was also a medical doctor. He trained me how to raise my family using
Ayurvedic principles. Now I’m able to share those with you. I’ve been doing this for about 30 years. I’m also a certified teacher of transcendental
meditation. I want to bring you into the kitchen to help
you feel less overwhelmed with preparing healthy, quick snacks. I know it’s very difficult when you’re
running around and you want to be healthy. We’re going to make some snacks, but what
do you grab for kids on the go? You can get organic roasted pumpkin seeds
or roasted cashews. We talk about the importance of having the
seeds or nuts roasted or soaked. This is very important for digestibility. Go Raw has a lot of sprouted cookies. You can also get raw organic cocoa powder. The first thing we’re going to make is chocolate
almond milk. You know how kids love chocolate. You can make regular chocolate milk with regular
milk, but you want to add almonds. Almonds are the best nut to have. They contain protein and calcium. There’s lot of good nutrition. I favor almonds. Remember, we don’t eat the skin of the almonds. We’ve soaked the almonds. I love Italian almonds at Whole Foods. They are organic, raw almonds. They come with the skin. We need to blanche them. They’ve been soaking. The skin gets very soft. You can peel it. Add 10 to 15 almonds to a blender. We don’t put ice in it. Remember, we do not have anything cold in
Ayurveda. Everything is room temperature or warmer. If you want to use milk, you can add boiled
organic milk. You always want to boil it for digestibility. I love these raw organic Italian almonds. Don’t get the pasteurized almonds. You can get roasted almonds if you’re going
to eat them right away. But if you want the highest nutritional value
for your almond milk, you want raw blanched almonds. I add about two cups of purified water. Then blend it. I’m going to strain it. Depending upon how thick it is, you’ll have
to blend it more. For children, you want it to be like the almond
milk that you buy. It’s very smooth. I’m going to strain it and blend more. Then add the cocoa powder. It depends on how much you like. You can add one tablespoon per cup. You can add sugar. If you are watching your sugar intake, use
coconut nectar. It has a low glycemic index. It’s much better for weight loss. You have to check with your doctor, but it
seems as though even diabetics can eat this. It’s the only sugar that diabetics can eat. It looks like dirt but tastes very sweet. It has high nutritional value. Your kids won’t know the difference. This is organic sugar cane juice. You can get it at Whole Foods. If you’re not ready to go strict, this is
just as good as any white sugar. If you’re starting to wean off sugar slowly,
then enjoy. I’m going to use coconut nectar. Sweeten it to taste. You will get an idea of how much sugar you
like. You can get vanilla or almond extract. The almond extract is hard to get without
the alcohol but the vanilla is easy. I don’t recommend the alcohol for kids. If you cook with the alcohol, it will evaporate
out. You don’t even need it. You can just use cocoa. If you don’t like chocolate then you can
make regular almond milk. You can make a huge batch. It will last about a week in the refrigerator. I will blend this again. If you use enough coconut nectar, you will
not miss the sugar. It’s delicious. I have different jars. I will fill up different jars for the week. I don’t like plastic. I have a food bag that I put them in. You can add the regular almond milk to tea. Use it as you would use regular milk, especially
for those of you who are lactose intolerant. If you want an energy booster, you can give
this to children. Almonds make you calm. It’s very grounding. Now I’m going to put this in the refrigerator. In the afternoon, when you get hungry, you
can have almond milk. You can also have some pumpkin seeds or cashews
depending upon your hunger level. You will have all of these options. Let’s talk about making a smoothie. I know it’s something that many of you like
to have. I’ve been saying that raw foods are not
good. What do we do if we want a delicious smoothie? I’m going to make a cooked strawberry smoothie. If you get really good organic strawberries,
it will be good. If you don’t like strawberries, you can
use mixed berries. Use whatever you like. The reason why I like to use strawberries
is because I like to enjoy the flavor of one fruit. You have to cook it. I add spices for digestibility. I’m going to cut them up, cook them and
then put them in the blender. We’re also going to make hummus today. Chickpeas are really good for your health. They are very nutritious. During a detox, they are too heavy. On a detox, you will have mung beans or red
lentils. For children, chickpeas are very good. Kids need a lot of protein. They need healthy snacks. That’s why nuts and seeds are essential. I also have black-eyed peas and black beans. I’ve soaked the chickpeas overnight. You don’t want to get the beans out of a
can. I sometimes buy the organic hummus at Whole
Foods if I’m in a bind. But when you make it from fresh chickpeas
that you’ve soaked overnight, it’s so good. They need about eight hours to sprout and
bring out the flavor. I used about four cups of chickpeas. I soaked them overnight. I have these big glass bowls with lids. You don’t have to refrigerate it. You can leave them out overnight. The next day, you change the water and cook
them. You might want to do this on the weekend because
they take a few hours. Now I’m going to wash the strawberries. I have a wonderful purifier that I use for
water. This is reverse osmosis with minerals put
back into the water. You attach it to your kitchen sink spout. I will add some water and let the strawberries
cook. I want them to be soft and tender. Now I’m going to show you the chickpeas. I’ve soaked them overnight. Then I rinsed them and added water to cover
them. If you need more water as it’s cooking,
you can add hot water. These are cooked chickpeas. We had them for lunch and dinner. I made kale and rice. It was delicious. Now you want to add the chickpeas to the blender. You can use a few cups so that you have enough
for a few days. I will also add olive oil, salt and pepper. Because children are going to be eating this,
I don’t always add garlic. Their stomachs are more sensitive. A little bit of pepper is okay for digestibility. You need a little bit of water. Some people like it crunchy and some people
like it smooth. Now add raw uncooked fresh sesame seeds. I use
about a tablespoon per cup. Then you want to add lemon juice. I will taste it as I go along. If you add too many sesame seeds, it will
taste strong. I’m going to turn down the strawberries. You can make many things at once. Now I am going to juice the lemon for the
hummus. People really love this hummus. Because it’s so fresh and you’re not using
canned chickpeas, it has an unbelievable flavor. You can taste it as you go along. I’m going to blend it and then test the
thickness of it. I’ll keep stirring it
and blending it. You don’t want it to be too watery. You can add more salt and pepper as you go. You can get gluten-free or yeast-free rice
cakes or Ezekiel bread and spread the hummus on it. You can also sauté celery and carrots, and
dip them in the hummus. If you use raw vegetables, you will have gas
and bloating. Kids’ stomachs are tiny, and that’s too
rough. I would suggest cooking the celery sticks. You can steam them and cut them to dipping size. This is a great snack to take to work. Celery is wonderful for your health. You can bring celery, carrots and hummus to
work for a snack. Some of you have mentioned that you like salty
snacks over sweet. This is a good snack for you. If you eat more sweet snacks, incorporate
salty with a little bit of sweet. It’s better for your health to have salty
snacks rather than things heavy with sugar, like cookies and cakes. The hummus contains olive oil. It’s calming and grounding. Now we have the strawberries ready. I will add this to the blender. You can add some coconut nectar or sugar. I am adding a little bit of cinnamon powder
and cardamom powder. Cardamom and ginger are very good for digestion. This is excellent for a detox. You can have this as your stewed fruit or make it into a smoothie. Then I will blend this. Now we have a smoothie. Again, you can pack this for work as a snack.

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