What is a Constitutional Remedy in Homeopathy?

– What is a constitutional
remedy in homeopathy? I like to think of it as a remedy that covers as many of your mental, emotional, and physical
symptoms as it can. So, this is a remedy
that can offer a stimulus to rewire how you’re holding your stress. So, what does that feel like? Well, a well-prescribed remedy should give you some relief from some of the symptoms that you’re experiencing, not because those symptoms are suppressed, but because your body is simulated to react in a new way, kinda like a reorganization to how your body is reacting both to your life story and
to the present stressors of your life. So practically, that
might feel a little bit like a small pause. People sometimes can have a shift sort of like this, where you’re
able to see yourself and your circumstances just
a little bit differently, and that enables people
to react differently. If the pain is less, they can, you know, move more and get stronger, you know, in whatever ways help balance whatever the underlying condition is. So, a constitutional
remedy can change overtime, it’s something that we followup with, you know, in every homeopathic visit.

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