What is Ayurveda? What Should I Know About It?

I have a question for you Dr. Horner,
over the last 35 years I’ve experimented with all the major healing systems and found benefits and all them but I
know you’re an expert in Ayurveda, what is it about this particular
healing system that you particularly favor? So Ayurveda is a system of medicine
that originally came from the area of India and it’s actually been practiced
for five thousand years so traditional Chinese medicine Ayurveda actually considered the two most comprehensive holistic systems of
medicine that are still practiced on the planet today 1/6th of the world’s population
actually uses Ayurveda as their primary medicine now a lot of people say what I’ve never
heard that what are you saying so “Ayur” means life “vada” means
knowledge so literally means the knowledge of life now I went through medical school and also a board
certified in general surgery as well as plastic surgery and I always tell people
you know I learned absolutely nothing about health from
medical school for my residency, and it wasn’t
all I learned about Ayurveda, I learned
about health so western medicine is really about suppressing symptoms using pharmaceutical medications or
cutting it out but Ayurveda what it does is it recognizes what it is to be in the
human body so there’s all these natural laws that govern us so
for instance simple ones that we recognize is that we
have to eat or we don’t do very well we have to sleep or we don’t do very well but there’s
actually hundreds of different what we call natural laws that govern us
that if we follow them what it does is it brings our body into
balance and enhances our body’s inner healing
intelligence… Oh I like that phrase natural healing intelligence makes me
feel powerful…. because you are and if you violate those laws then what
it does is creates imbalances and obstructs the flow
of your inner healing intelligence to make you’re inner healing intelligence
very stupid and it can’t keep you well so it just kinda the basics of understanding of it really everything that you’ve
heard of in complementary alternative medicine from massage to yoga to herbs to meditation it all originated in Ayurveda so when
people say I haven’t heard about it you actually have and all these different techniques
are all designed to bring balance to the body and enhance the body’s inner healing
intelligence …..So are there particular foods or herbs associated with this healing practice that you found really
useful?…. So in Ayurveda they have a particular phrase
and actually Hypocrites the founding father of western medicine said
this let food be your medicine and medicine
be your food and we completely forgot about that so I
read that Physicians are actually experts in understanding not only the
nutritional value of the different foods but also the properties of them so based on our different body types
will look at different characters whether something is oiley of pungent or salty or sweet you know what kinda liveliness it has in it
and so all of those things are taken into consideration and how they balance the body’s
different properties and not just the nutrients….. I know there is a reason why I love
sweet green curry cuz I I’ve read that in India they have
a lower rate of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and this is associated with a lot of the
spices that they use have you found this to be true that’s
absolutely correct so you know I was raised on salt and pepper that was my mother that was it those were the spices and so then when I learned about Ayurveda really in India and when you go to an Indian restaurant if it’s done well they
have all these different incredible flavorful spices and it’s not just
things to enhance the flavor which they do but each one of them are actually
powerful medicines and one of the most powerful medicine so that they use
frequently is a spice called turmeric so turmeric is a cousin of Ginger it looks
exactly like a ginger root we cut across that there’s this bright yellow-orange
color and that’s the bright yellow-orange color in curry’s and it’s one of the most incredibly
medicinal spices in fact is considered the number-one anti-cancer spice and
inhibits seventeen different kinds of cancers that they’ve tested so far but very powerful anti-oxidant very
powerful anti-inflammatory and many many ingenious ways that works to help to protect us from
cancer so it really inhabits almost every single kind of chronic disease…. Sounds like something you take… I do,
there’s 5500 studies that have been done on turmeric including many done at MD
Anderson the cancer hospital in Houston
.. I think im going to rush out… I think it’s a good idea…. well thank
you so much for sharing your views on this powerful healing practice if you’d like to know more about Ayurveda practices that Dr. Horner uses or any other topic
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