What Is JOCK ITCH & Home Treatment To GET RID OF JOCK ITCH

Hello and welcome. In this video we are going
to talk about Jock Itch. Jock Itch can cause wetness, burning sensation, flaking skin and
irritation. But dont you worry! Here are some simple remedies
you can try at home. Let’s take a look at the home remedies of
this problem: Take a glass of lukewarm water. Add 2 tablespoons
of apple cider vinegar.Mix this well. Wash the infected area with this solution. Do it
at least twice or thrice a day, especially before going to bed. Here’s another solution to this problem. Take
1 tablespoon of vinegar and add 4 tablespoons of water to this. Soak a cloth in this solution
and wash the effected area gently and thoroughly. Let it dry on it’s own and you need not rinse
it off. Do this twice or thrice daily. Another solution for this problem is take
equal parts of coconut oil and white vinegar. Mix the solution well. Apply this solution
in the effected area and leave it on for a few hours before washing it. Keep repeating
this until you are cured of your problem. Another solution for this is take some coconut
oil and add a few drops of tea tree oil. Mix the solution well. And apply this solution
on the effected area. You can also add a few drops of your tea tree oil to your bath and
soak in it for about 15 minutes till you get relief from this problem. Hope this video helps you. Stay healthy. But
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95 thoughts on “What Is JOCK ITCH & Home Treatment To GET RID OF JOCK ITCH

  • I'm familiar with athletes foot and using vinegar for that. I've used straight vinegar in a spray for my problem and it does burn and hurt a bit but would that be affective? I'm asking bc every remedy you mentioned required white vinegar? Again straight vinegar is painful but wondering if it would be affective? I'm on day one of my treatment. Thank you for your post!

  • I like these natural remedies. Most of them can be found in my Kitchen cupboard and are readily available. I don't like the use of expensive or ineffective medication if I can do it naturally. Thanks for the tips!

  • which is the best remedies beside tea tree oil ?.i dilute Tea tree oil with olive oil before that,but it seems doesnt work for me

  • these are all topical treatments. A lot of people report having systemic yeast problems. I would recommend if you are having a lot of trouble with jock itch that you try avoiding all carbohydrates and sugars and taking quality living probiotics.

  • I get itching on side of genital area and I don't know why but some whitish sort of skin is developed when regularly start itching it tearing the skin… why is the white spot keep coming why can't it become normal??

  • I have a ringworm, but it's not causing itch or irritation. Would this solution help me get rid of it? And are ringworms linked to a yeast infection or could it be something else?

  • There are many components to reducing hives at home . One plan I found that successfully combines these is the Karas Hives Remedy (google it if you're interested) it's the most incredible blueprint i've seen. Check out the amazing info .

  • my vagina itches a lot it had been from 1 month i tried ts remedies but also its spreading out and nw it became like wound ….wt to do for preventing itching in vagina…..plz help me

  • The vinegars and all that stuff involving water does NOT fully work because your jock will still get wet and you're not supposed to have a wet, humid area down there. Yes, vinegar has acid which is anti-fungal but your jock itch will just keep spreading more with it. Plus it HURTS like hell for a few minutes. See a dermatologist/skin doctor instead.

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  • jock itch think caused by unbalanced chemical in body or high ph levels. id use coconut oil not vinager matter face drink the vinager n water 2 x day or lemon water. stay away from junk food n sugar for few days.

  • can anybody tell me about these methods.I too have developed jock itch in past year maybe from using joint washroom.Prior to that I never had this disease.I have tried many ointments and even homeopathic treatment but can't find any fast and permanent results.Now I am getting such on my pe*** occasionally.Help me thanks

  • You fuckers got it easy….try having that jock itch fungus get up under your foreskin and cause cracking/bleeding and THEN talk to me of discomfort lol. I can tell you what got rid of it for me was actually a version of Monistat. Those vaginal creams are anti-fungal and more often than not cheaper that known remedies. I went begging to my pharmacist for relief, I thought he was crazy…but it worked within two days.

  • A creme called Man1 Man Oil works very well on jock itch and other irritations down there. As long as it isn't a symptom of an STD.. this creme will get things back to normal quickly and safely. It is an awesome product. Definitely keep it in mind. Cheers.

  • Listerine seems to work pretty well. I just pour some on a paper towel and then pat the infected area down with it and then take a shower five or ten minutes later. It won't burn your testicles but you will feel a kind of cool heat sensation that shouldn't bother you.

  • I'm so fucked. Why the fuck did this even happen. I don't deserve this. I can't even look down there just because that shit looks like a bloater from The Last of Us. Jesus fucking Christ.

  • “Little strange cure, only very few know about” this is all over right? Especially when it comes to hives! There’s no magic pill, and anyone reasonable should expect to wait for a few weeks to make the hives go away, like what’s mentioned in Shane Zormander’s website for instance, jeez.

  • people, read the description. It’s a fungus, you won’t get rid of it by eating healthy and positive vibes. Get some alcohol or soap with sulfur in it, or anything that kills fungi and bacteria and go wild on your groin twice a day. Little buggers like the water so you should shave and dry yourself down there troughly. Keep your underwear clean and dry too. I used rubbing alcohol after every shower, and it disappeared in a few days.

  • I use apple cider vinegar right from the bottle. Sure it burns for a 10-15 seconds but then again I'm not a whimp! I can understand female diluting it but not makes! Quit being whimps guys!

  • Add Baking Soda to the Anti Fungal Cream before applying it to your skin. After you squeeze a gob of the cream on your finger, dip it in the Baking Soda then apply as directed on the label. This will speed up the process of killing the Fungus.

  • Jock itch is caused by the same fungus that causes athlete foot. Just go to your local pharmacy in the foot care section and look for the cream or other products for treating athlete foot. Sometimes those products actually tell you it will also treat jock itch. Try it for two or three weeks, and make sure you wash the infected area and change your underwear daily. Tell me if it works for you.

  • take drumstick leaf and neem leaf inthe ratio of 1:5 crush them in mixer and add some water apply the paste on jock cures fungal infection in one weak

  • Look i don’t know what i have the crease’s in between my genitals and my thigh burns like hell idk whats going on someone Plz help

  • stay away from fake remedies…. Use Gold Bond Body Powder, dust it daily on the rash, it will relief the itch.   Within 3-7days the jock rash should disappear.  Buy it at Walmart its the yellow-gold container. Use it when you need it after the rash is gone. will keep the area dry..

  • This is one of the hundreds fake remedies on you tube. Why anyone would listen to this Female from a country that the population defecates in the street in front of each other.

  • Buy yourself the CLOTRIMAZOL 2% cream from any pharmacy no prescription needed! You will thank me later.

    P.S. If couple hours later itching returns then go wash your (BOF) under room temperature water (cooler is better) then dry it out thoroughly and reaply cream again. You will be fine in next 24-48 hours!

  • Please please don't add water. This is worst. Scientifically fungus is a plant category germ. If you put water to a plant , it grows better. If possible don't use water on it . Just bath with salt mixed water and a ketoconazole soap. Then garlic paste/ Apple cider vinegar / neem etc . But itching stops with the use of neem and turmeric mix paste. It stops the spreading.

  • Generally keeping the area DRY (we're talking about fungus here) goes a long way too. At least she didn't break out a box of Surgeon's Leeches.

  • Bruh I need somebody to look at my crotch no homo cuz ion know if it's jock icth, I'm fr! Also do the 2tb spoon of Apple cider vinegar work?

  • I usually use vagina juice for my itch. The tricky part is inserting your penis into a females vagina. It might be scary at 1st, but then it totally cure's the problem.

  • Cornstarch DEFINITELY helps, it draws the moisture right out of your skin! Works really well, however when you get a heavier fungal thing going it's not going to kill fungus but the moisture removed a damn good start . Works well for diaper rash also, and chaffing. Anyone that says I'm wrong def hasn't tried it or understands once you have a considerable amount of fungal takeover it may not curr it but it will make you feel 1000 times better down there.. your welcome.. Lol!!

  • Mix 2 tablets of neem with water and freeze the mixture in form of ice cubes then message twice daily take 2 neem tablets daily
    Keep the area clean and dry for 15-20 days if you have severe jock itch….
    Avoid spicy fried food
    Eat light

  • This was an awesome post, thanks for the education. My recommendation is to use a penis health creme. Try one with Vitamin C, as it has incredible antibacterial properties that will keep your member clean, fresh and hydrated. Hope this helps.

  • I feel bad that I’m like literally raptor clawing my balls off while she gives remedies. I tried rubbing alcohol and it does help. It may burn but it helps 😂 I take burn over itch any day

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