What is Telehealth? Penn State Health 3

Telehealth is about taking care of
patients through the use of video, the use of audio but taking care of them
where they are. And so at Penn State Health, we have the thing
called, Penn State Health OnDemand. So if you’re at Hershey, you’re in Hummelstown,
you’re anywhere in Pennsylvania, heck if you’re anywhere in the United States, you
can access Penn State Health OnDemand.>>And it is a worldwide name you know, We
Are Penn State. >>You got it>>And you already started to do this so how is the
reaction been? How are patients using this?>>You know, patients are really engaged and
taking care of themselves at home. They don’t want to wait for a long period of
time, they want to get the access to care that they need and not only we’re doing
these things for the OnDemand patient population so we’re doing for patients
that are staying at home. So like, patients have Lou Gehrig’s disease or
ALS who…>>can’t get out.>>Can’t get out, they can’t get out, so we’re facilitating
their care at home. So we’re kind of bringing Penn State to your house.>>It’s
really cool cuz, I have daughters who are in college and you’re saying no matter
where you are you can meet people’s needs.>>Well it’s same thing you know, we both have 14 year old daughters who are
online all the time. Right?>>Yes, that’s true.>>And I got a kid in college who you
know may need care right and all he has to do is click on his phone,
launch the app and he can see if he can see a physician just like that.

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