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Hey there Head Squeezers I hope you’re well
and if you’re not this question is for you. It comes in from drooney187 who asks on YouTube
Why do you feel hot when you catch a cold? Yep, its that time of the year isn’t where
we all seem to have a cause of the sniffles and by that I really mean you’re probably
suffering from man flu you’re completely full of snot you feel like you’ve got barbed wire
in your throat and your temperature is utterly sky-high. Give me an ironic thumbs up if so
far this winter you’ve been struck down. So what’s going on? Well your body heats up
naturally; it’s a natural response to fight the virus. You catch a cold if your body temperature
drops and also if you inhale droplets of water that contain rhinoviruses and adenoviruses.
Those viruses are always about but in winter when your body temperature has dropped because
of the cold weather and maybe you haven’t been wearing enough layers. My coat is over
there. Your body just can’t fight off that viral infection as well, in warmer temperatures
your body gives off an anti-viral immune signal when can defend against that sort of viral
infection. But when it’s cold it can’t do that as strongly so the viruses set off a
little Christmas party in your body. And that’s why you get sick.
Now over the centuries those viruses have evolved to work very very well at your natural
body temperature of 37 degrees C. It’s the proteins that replicate themselves that work
best at that temperature. Very crafty. So what your body does, it increases your internal
temperature by one or two degrees so it will take a day or two on the sofa or watching
a box set or chilling out in bed, but your body will manage to fight off those viruses
and then it’s party over. So unfortunately those hot sweats may be keeping
you up all night but it is your body fighting back against the virus. You just have to grin
and bear it. That’s all the time I’ve got right now, please do keep sending in your
questions, stay away from those sneezers and happy Head Squeezing.

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