Woodsy Chest and Cold Cream with Cedarwood Essential Oil

(peaceful techno music) – Hi, everyone. I’m Andrea Butje from Aromahead Institute. And I wanna show you this great recipe. It’s oils that you can use for kids when they have a cold. I like using this blend
for kids that are about five, six, seven years old. When they get sick, these are the perfect essential oils. So, I just have a lovely unscented cream, and I’m going to make it
in a little one ounce jar, although you’re welcome
to make more than this. So, I’m just gonna spoon in the cream right into the jar. And we’ll just fill the jar and then I’ll add the essential oils. And you can use any unscented
cream that you love. This is a really beautiful
one from Aromatics International that I
really like the texture of. Okay. So, we’re going to use a stirring rod… Actually, let’s use a more fun one. Let’s use this one. It’s got a little cow lily on the top. …to mix in the essential oils. So we have cedarwood and elemi and lemon in this blend. And this cedarwood… There’s a few different
kinds of cedarwoods and you can use any of them
that are known to be great for using with kids. This is Juniperus virginiana
and I really love this one. I also love Cedrus atlantica. That’s a beautiful one, too. (inhales) Um, it’s just
so fortifying, this oil. And so great for congestion
and so gentle for kids. So we’re gonna add three
drops of this cedarwood right into the cream. There we go, one, two, three, good. I’m gonna have a total
of six drops of essential oil from all three by the end. Okay, so, I’m just gonna go
ahead and mix that right in. Gosh, it already smells so good. It’s such a soft and earthy aroma. I think it’s very comforting. Most kids really love it. And then I can just leave
the stirring rod in there. and I’m gonna add the elemi. If you’re not familiar with elimi, it’s made from a resin and the aroma is so fun. It smells like black pepper
and lemon all mixed up. So invigorating. You can immediately tell it’s
gonna clear your sinuses. And, again, kids really like the smell. It’s a fun smell and it smells
great with the cedarwood. And then the lemon brings in
this burst of just brightness. So, I’m gonna add two drops of elemi. And I can just leave the
stirring rod right here, super easy. Okay, one, two, good. All right. Now I’m gonna mix it up. And I’m so enjoying this because the aroma is just incredible. And then it really changes
when you add the lemon because then there’s
this burst of freshness, again, that kids just love. (inhales) Um. I’m just gonna add one drop of the lemon. So then we have six
drops total in the blend. And you have to be careful. The lemon comes out really fast. So, I’m just kind of tipping it and going back and forth
to just get one drop. Okay. (chuckles) So, again, we’ll mix it all up. All right. And, I’ll rest that there. Go ahead and close it. And you have your cream. How easy is that? And then, if your child is sick, you can just take a
little bit of the cream, they can do it or you can do it. You can rub it on their chest. You can rub it on their upper back. You can even rub it on their low back. It feels so good. Smells amazing. Will help them sleep and rest and really be able to breathe more easily. I hope you enjoy it. Goodbye for now.

13 thoughts on “Woodsy Chest and Cold Cream with Cedarwood Essential Oil

  • Thank you for sharing Andrea. Could this be used with an oil based instead? Such as Sweet Almond?

  • I love Andrea Butje's "how to" videos. She is such a beacon of information and wisdom! And how great to have a recipe for young children–especially since some oils are contraindicated for kids. Thank you Andrea, for all you share. I learn something every time you talk about essential oils!

  • grandaughter always catches a virus and fever she's 8yrs old can you help me with a blend also to build her immune system ty

  • Thank you and I can not wait until my hubby gives me the ok to start classes at Aromahead Institute to learn so much more! Your videos are making me so excited!

  • Can this be used as a decongestant? Would also appreciate if you can share what would the ratios be for carrier oil & beeswax to make it into a balm. Thanks!

  • Andrea – I have a question. All 3 of these essential oils show to be safe for children aged 2+. Is there any reason that you are recommending for children aged 5+? Thanks! 🙂

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