Yogic Breathing Techniques : Yogic Sounding Breath

All right, the next technique we’re going
to explore is Ujjayi, or our sounding breath; sometimes called Victoria’s breath. This is
a heating breath, but it can, I find; be used really effectively to channel heat in the
body. So if you’re having a moment of stress or anxiety, you use the sounding breath to
push that heat out of the body and sort of out of the mind. You can visualize it as you
do it, and I find it really effective. So, the Yogi’s; we kind of like to make fun of
this breath and call it ” Darth Vader breath”, cause that’s sort of what it sounds like when
you do it. You do it by constricting the throat just a tiny bit, or bringing the hyoid bone,
if you’re into anatomy; pulling the hyoid bone back just a little bit in the throat
as you breathe. So what’s going to happen is you’re going to inhale and exhale, and
you’re going to tighten just a little bit in the throat to make a sound. It sounds like
this. Nice, huh? So you’re going to try to make that “Darth Vader” sound as you breathe,
and all the time inhaling and exhaling through the nose, okay? So we’re going to keep the
mouth closed, but the jaw relaxed and the face relaxed of course, so as you sit, you’re
just going to inhale; just barely constricting. You can pull the head back just a tiny bit
to engage that hyoid bone. Don’t forget to breathe all the way down to
the bottom of the belly, and allow the belly button to expand and the belly to soften.
Don’t let the shoulders lift as you inhale and exhale. Keep it here. Let the belly expand,
let the ribcage expand, and let the heart expand, but keep the shoulders relaxed. Try
this breath for one to three minutes and see how you feel.

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  • how many times should i do yogic breathing and what technique i will use if i have acidity?? thanks ma'am

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