Yogis, Mystics, Saints & Sages. Sadhguru

The word ‘Yogi’ means…… the word ‘Yoga’ means union or in your experience if everything becomes one, that’s called Yoga. So, one who has experienced this oneness is called a ‘Yogi’ So, once you have arrived at such an experience you are generally referred to as a Yogi. A ‘Mystic’ means..… [laughs] oh.. this is like MBA, PhD and… … [laughs] Mystic means in his presence he does so many things that nobody understands. [laughs] So many things happen that nobody is able to understand, like the program, you are not able to understand, what Felton? [laughs] That’s why I’’m a mystic. [laughs] So, a mystic means what… what are considered to be deep mysteries for lots of people is, is normal life for him. So, he’’s referred to as a mystic. People call him a mystic because they are describing that he is not just a saint. A ‘Saint’ means somebody who has attained to a certain level of pleasantness. He has attained to a certain level of pleasantness where he can only bless people, he has no technology. He has no technology to offer, he can only bless people. There are lots of saints like this who are very pleasant beings, they bless people; they give some offerings to people. Their presence is good but they have no technology, they are not really for your ultimate liberation. They are people who enrich you on the way. There are lots of saints like this. So, a mystic means he has technologies to take you into the mysteries of life, so he is a mystic. They said a sage, ‘Sage’ means somebody who is in a certain state of wisdom, its something to do with life. It’s not just an inner attainment, it has got something to do with living life. So, if someone is wise with life around then he is called a sage. Do I qualify or no? Yes. Yes.

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